Over ons bedrijf in de omgeving van Utrecht en het Stichtse Vecht gebied

Here I would like to tell you about our architectural consultancy to give you an idea of ​​how our company works.

My name is Jan van Dijk and after 30 years of construction, the idea of ​​collaboration with a friend of architect Wim van Veldhuizen was created in 2005 and to build a building consultancy firm. Precisely because I regularly saw how the construction work was done and especially how things were done, I decided that it could be different and better. What is especially noticeable is that it has often taken so much time in a good preparation and that during the work many expensive ad hoc solutions are devised to get the planning.

De goede tekening is vaak het beste uitgangspunt
Because we realized that not only a flat 2D Autocad drawing made more, we decided to start working in 3D immediately.For years, we have been working with the Autodesk Revit program that together with Autocad can make all (digital) drawings. The big advantage of 3D work is twofold: in the 3D model all errors are immediately visible and the other advantage is that the client immediately gets a realistic picture of reality. The great advantage of making the drawings is that we are building the project from the start and get a good idea of ​​what to do and where problems are expected.

From the moment we are active as a professional construction consultancy firm, we have been able to assist many individuals and companies in a variety of construction projects. We are your proverbial building block for the foundation of an optimal construction process. With broad knowledge, we will assist you in the design and guidance of your entire construction project. We therefore aim to realize good cooperation between the different parties, so you can save money and time. An efficient and proven process that gives you the benefit of the customer.

From architect tot klusjesman, we make sure that everything is done as much as possible in accordance with the agreements made. After all, a good construction goes beyond finding materials and determining the price. It’s also about every party knowing what to do and when it should happen. Then you have a good advice to our building advisory office, because we have the experience of managing everything. Contact us for more information. We are happy to provide you with all necessary information. Van Dijk Bouw & Advies is the company you can always build on.